Which sunglasses lens options should you choose?

With summer well under way, there are plenty of opportunities to grab yourself a brand new pair of sunglasses to enjoy the incredible sunshine. With a myriad of brands and lens options to choose from, picking out exactly what you want can become a bit of minefield. Did you know that even the lens tints you choose can have significant performance differences depending on where you are and what youre doing?

So lets take a look at some of the most common lens choices you can make and go over some interesting details to help you make the decision that suits you best.

Firstly, its worth noting that having adequate UV protection is more important that the colour of your lenses. When choosing your lenses, make sure they have a high percentage of UV protection to ensure you shield your eyes from the suns harmful rays. Any decent pair of sunglasses should offer a UV400 lens coating option, which is near 100% UV protection. At Allspecs, this is something we offer across most of our lens packages including on non-tinted prescription lenses.


Contrary to what you might have heard, Polarised lenses don’t offer any real UV protection on their own. They do, however, offer the best anti glare filter. Polarised lenses have a special chemical applied to them that allow them to filter the light that comes through the lenses. Essentially, they block most of the light that approaches your eyes from unusual angles, making them extremely effective at reducing the glare caused when light bounces off of smooth surfaces, such as water and cars. Polarised lenses are great for people who take part in activities like fishing, golfing, cycling and other outdoor activities where sight is important. They are also great for people who do a lot of driving!

Grey Tints.

Grey is one of the most popular lens tint options. Like with polarised lenses, its effective at reducing glare and the tint is great at shielding your eyes from bright light. The colour works well on both cloudy and sunny days making them an all round great choice for reducing fatigue. Pair this tint with polarised lenses and you have yourself a pair of sunglasses perfect for driving.

Brown Tints.

Brown is another popular choice! This tint is especially effective at enhancing contrast and improving depth perception, making them a very good choice for athletes involved in sports like Golf, Baseball and Archery. Anything where you need to make out small objects from a distance! Brown also makes your eyes feel nice and comfortable in sunny conditions due to its effect on contrast.

Green Tints.

Green is a very popular tint amongst athletes. It is particularly good at filtering blue light and enhancing contrast especially where there is a lot of green landscapes and blue skies. The green is effective at reducing eye strain, especially for those who have to keep their eyes focused, making it a great choice for Cyclists and Golfers.

These are some of the most common and popular lens choices when it comes to sunglasses but there are many other tints available. So even if you’re just looking for something to complement your impeccable fashion sense, there will be a perfect option for you!

Don’t forget, if youre looking for prescription lenses too, in either ophthalmic or sunglass, then we have everything you need at Allspecs! Make sure your prescription is up to date by booking an eye examination with us today!

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