Large range from budget to Designer

It’s important that a pair of sunglasses helps you look great and feel confident, while properly protecting your eyes against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

We stock a large range of budget and designer sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription for you to choose from.

From classic styles to current trends, we are confident you will find the right pair of sunglasses and lenses you are looking for. Any specific model or size that is not stocked at our showroom can be ordered direct with the manufacturer.

Over 500 pairs on display
Sports eyewear
Official Oakley prescription lenses
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sports eyewear

Keep active, remain stylish

We stock a wide range of sports eyewear from Oakley and Nike either with no-prescription or with prescription lenses or inserts.

The variety of models on display will ensure you have the necessary protection your sport demands, helping to enhance your performance.