What is a reglaze?

A reglaze is the process of replacing your existing lenses, whether it be because you’ve got a new prescription, or you have broken lenses. Either way, it’s a good way to update your glasses if you don’t want to change your frames.

Here at Allspecs everything is done in-house, in our laboratory by our own technicians, this means you do not have to wait several weeks, or even months, to get your glasses back.

All of our lenses include a scratch-resistant coating as standard. Additional coatings available on request.

reglaze services

How does our reglaze service work in 5 steps?

Step 1

Come and see us

Bring in your frame and up to date prescription

Step 2

Explain your needs

Explain what you need the new lenses for (i.e. Distance, intermediate, reading etc)

Step 3

Discuss your options

Discuss various lens options with one of our qualified dispensers

Step 4

Wait for our call

We’ll contact you by telephone or text when your reglaze is completed

Step 5

Pick up your glasses

Collect your newly reglazed frame and wear them with pride

repairs and adjustments

Repairs & Adjustments

Glasses break, it is an unfortunate circumstance, however you don’t always have to replace the whole pair. With our in-house laboratory we can make any adjustments or repairs you need.

Spare Parts

All our spare parts are sourced from official suppliers; we offer temples, lenses, nose pads and replacement screws.

MOT Service

Our FREE glasses MOT guarantees that your glasses will be kept in top condition, and it can be done while you wait. Simply come into our store and ask our staff about the services we can offer you.

Eye Exams

At Allspecs we provide a comprehensive examination to ensure you have the clearest vision possible. Our licensed and experienced optometrist is able to provide treatment options and, in many cases, restore vision or prevent vision loss.

If you need a new prescription or are due for a check-up, book now for an eye-test at Allspecs.

You can find more information about our eye exams here.

OCT Scan (Optical Coherence Tomography)

An OCT scan (Optical Coherence Tomography scan) is an additional service that is not covered by the NHS free eye tests program. In this advanced eye test we will:

  • Do everything included in a standard eye test
  • Scan your eyes using the OCT machine which produces 3D imagery of what goes on beneath the surface.
  • Data from the test will be saved to your file and any subsequent scans will automatically compare previous results, making it easier to see any concerning changed in your eye health of vision

Why is an OCT scan so beneficial?