A fresh new website!

At Allspecs, we are always looking for ways we can improve the customer experience and our overall service. One of the ways we do this is by constantly looking to adjust and update our digital platforms, such as our website.

If youre reading this post, I’m happy to announce that you are now on Allspecs’ brand new website! We have updated the look, feel and functionality of the website and we are completely confident that this new experience will be a vast improvement over the previous version for all of our users. Please read on for a detailed breakdown of the changes we made.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up!

The previous version of our website had become painfully slow, cluttered and was riddled with badly written and/or unnecessary code. We rebuilt the website from the ground up with cleaner code and better asset management to make it far more lightweight than before. We also moved over to a new web server! These things combined have made the Allspecs website much faster and more reliable.

New Website

Fresh new look makes everything clearer and easier to read at a glance!

Old Website

Bland design and poor use of typography made things difficult to read.

New eye test booking system

Over the previous year we have been offering eye examination bookings online. After discussing feedback from both customers and staff, we have decided to implement a new system onto the website to handle all of our online bookings. This system runs side by side with the optical software used by staff in the Allspecs store, which means the entire process of booking an appointment is now simpler and easier to manage.

Other than the look, you may not notice much of a difference, but rest assured that this system makes eye test bookings a much smoother experience. Please head over to our booking page to check it out and book yourself an eye examination today!